15th August National Mourning Day Banners, Images, Facebook Status, Quotes, Paragraph, Poems 2022

15 August is National Mourning Day. 15th August National Day of Mourning Banners, Images, Facebook Status and Quotes For those who are looking for it, here are some banners, images that you can use on the day of 15th August National Mourning Day. 15 August National Mourning Day of Bangladesh On 15 August 1975, the father of the Bengali nation was killed in his family and for this reason every year 15 August is celebrated in Bangladesh as Mourning Day. Various competitions and meetings are organized across the country on the occasion of Mourning Day. Essay competition and chitrangam competition are organized in the school.

15 August National Mourning Day Banner

Many people look for banners to observe the National Day of Mourning on 15 August. As various meetings and gatherings are organized all over the country on this day, everyone looks for banners on this day. In this section some beautiful banner designs are given for you which you can directly use as banners.




15 August National Mourning Day Picture

Since 15 August is our day of mourning, so many people give pictures on this occasion on Facebook but don’t know what kind of picture to give, they can share any picture of this part on Facebook or Twitter. Besides, you can use these pictures for many other purposes if you wish. So those who need 15th August Mourning Day Images download from here.










15 August National Mourning Day Facebook Status

On 15 August National Day of Mourning, many people give different statuses on their Facebook. You can give the following statuses as Facebook statuses on 15 August. Many types of Mourning Day Facebook Status are attached here. Besides, many statuses about Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman are also attached here. You can copy the status that you like and give it as a Facebook post.


Bereaved on 15th August

National Mourning Day



“”Because you were born

The country was born

Mujib is another name for you


Independent Bangladesh………..””


“This is the sky and air of Bengal

Sea-hills and rivers

Bangabandhu called you,

If to come back.”


“As long as Rabe Padma, Meghna

Yamuna flows

Until then, your glory will be yours

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.”


“O Hero, O Great Hero

The best Bengali of a thousand years,

You can’t die “You Bangabandhu”

You were, you will be

Another thousand years of Bengali

In the pearl of the heart.”


15th August is National Day of Mourning.

_Bongobondhahu Sheikh Muqoor Rahman

❝Your people of Bengal have lost you and still find you! you come back

Repeatedly in this town, people!

You are eternally untainted in your Bengali existence.”

Various quotes about 15 August

There are many quotes about 15 August that you can know and use these quotes as Facebook status. In this part, all the quotes about 15th August National Mourning Day are given.


“This country was born because you were born,

Mujib is another name for independent Bangladesh.

15th August is National Day of Mourning. Humble tribute to all the martyrs including the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of great independence.

May Allah grant everyone Jannatul Firdaus, Ameen.


15th August, National Day of Mourning.

This is one of the most barbaric, heinous and atrocious murders in history. Humble tribute to all those killed including Father of the Nation Bangabandhu.

And hatred for all those involved in this heinous murder.


In Sheikh Mujib’s death, the exploited people of the world lost a great leader, I lost a genuine friend with a big heart.

– Fidel Castro


I have not seen the Himalayas but I have seen Sheikh Mujib. He is Himalayan in personality and bravery.

– Fidel Castro


After Mujib’s murder, Bengalis can no longer be trusted, those who killed Mujib can do any heinous act.

– Willibant




In the killing of Ngabandhu, Bangladesh was not only an orphan, the world lost a great child.

– James Lamond


Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the first martyr of the struggle to establish socialism. So he is immortal.

– Saddam Hussein


Bangabandhu’s 7th March speech is a historical document.



If it was heard at night, Bangabandhu is not dead. If there was a procession again on the streets, we want the release of Bangabandhu. But the world would get a great leader, we would get back the father of the nation.

– Hasan Matiur Rahman


Sheikh Mujib was killed by his own army but Pakistanis hesitated to kill him.

– BBC – 15 August 1975


In the death of Sheikh Mujib, the exploited people of the world lost a great leader, I lost a genuine friend with a big heart.

– Fidel Castro


Listen to the sound-echo of the voice of lakhs of mujibars from one Mujibar, Rani Bangladesh, my Bangladesh.

– Gauri Prasanna Majumdar


Mujib’s character was characterized by uncompromising militant leadership and a tender heart.

– Yasser Arafat


Sad August Status

Sad August statuses are in your favorite list. Here are some more sad August statuses.


“You are great, you are brave

Calmed by your release,

Mind belongs to every Bengali

You will come back, you are in Bengali heart”


“If night had been heard,

Bangabandhu is not dead.

But the world would get a great leader

We would get back the Father of the Nation”


“That dreadful day of that day,

We have not forgotten you

I will forever be in debt.

Mujib you are world leader

In this world”

15th August National Mourning Day Essay Pdf Download 2022

On the occasion of National Mourning Day on 15 August, many competitions are organized in schools across the country. For those who will participate in these competitions on 15 Augustth, it is necessary to know the 15 Augustth essay. For their convenience, here we have provided essay on 15 August National Day of Mourning which you can download in PDF format.


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