[অগ্রিম টিকিট] Advance Train Ticket Buying Process 2022 Bangladesh Railway

It is very important for us to know about the rules for buying train tickets or advance train tickets. It is often seen that many people do not know the correct rules for buying train tickets or advance tickets in case of emergency. This article is for those of you who are having such problems. Through our website you will know all the rules for buying train tickets or advance train tickets. We hope you find this article useful. Stay tuned for the full article. We post all updated information about train tickets or advance tickets on our website. 

Advanced Train Ticket Bangladesh 2022

Train travel is now much safer and more comfortable than ever before. As a result, many of us find it more convenient to travel long distances than other vehicles. As a result, there is a shortage of tickets due to overcrowding in train journeys. Due to the train ticket crisis, many people want to be safe by buying train tickets in advance but many of us do not know how to buy advance tickets.

A passenger can say how difficult it is to get a train ticket during the two Eids.

How long in advance can the ticket be booked?

We can’t buy advance tickets anytime or anytime we want. There are proper rules for buying tickets in advance.
Many of us know that the Bangladesh Railway Authority used to start giving train tickets 10 days in advance. In this way, all the passengers of Bangladesh could buy advance train tickets from 10 days before the start of their journey – up to one day before. It was very easy to cut the ticket. A person has a lot of time to cut his ticket and think. But now the train ticket can no longer be bought ten days in advance. Railway authorities have changed the timing of advance train ticket sales. However, the reasons behind the change in advance ticketing time have not been disclosed. The Bangladesh government has taken various steps to make the train journey comfortable. It could be a step in that direction.

At present, a notification has been issued by the Ministry of Railways and Communications of the Government of Bangladesh regarding the advance payment of train tickets. This notification was issued on 9 March 2021. It is generally stated in the notification that the advance ticketing time of the previous train has been changed. Railway authorities also said that passengers are missing out on the opportunity to buy tickets 10 days in advance. Railway authorities further said that instead of 10 days, railway tickets can be booked 5 days in advance. Passengers on all railways will be able to book advance tickets 5 days before the day of departure. Applicable to all passengers and all trains on all railways in Bangladesh. This means that if you want to start the train journey on the 7th of the month, you can buy advance train tickets from the 1st of that month.

Advanced Online Train Ticket Bangladesh 2022

If you want, you can buy train tickets in advance online from home using computer or mobile app. However, there are some rules and restrictions for buying train tickets online. You can buy train tickets online from 4am to 11:59 pm. That means you must purchase tickets within this period. You will not be able to purchase train tickets online from 12pm to 4am. However, you can manually buy a train ticket from the counter at any time.

Trains are currently one of the most popular means of transportation to avoid traffic jams. So you must know well about the rules of train ticketing.

How To Buy Online Train Ticket In 2022

  • To purchase a train ticket you must visit this website www.eticket.rancil.gov.bd
  • Then you have to give all the information about the journey
  • Then you have to pay the ticket price using bKash Mobile Banking or MasterCard
  • Then in the passenger’s mail, the PDF file of the ticket will be sent to the email address
  • If you use bKash, you can pay the train ticket price through bKash
  • For this you must follow the specific procedure to purchase the train ticket

What percentage of train kits are sold online?

The point here is that 50 percent of the seats on a train are sold online and the remaining 50 percent are sold over the counter. So if you want, you can buy a train ticket at home and pay for it through bKash. After completing the train ticket online you will be asked for your bKash account number. After giving the bKash account number, an OTP code will come in your account, if you have enough money in your account, train ticket can be purchased.

As you may know, there are many differences in the purchase of train tickets. For 15 long years, an organization called ‘CNSBD’ was involved in selling train tickets online. They sold tickets until March 20, 2022, after the contract ended. Then, according to the new agreement, Sahoj-Synesis-Vinsen JV (Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen) started selling new tickets online from March 26, 2022.

In the beginning shohoz.com did not have any kind of app. However, recently train tickets can be purchased from shohoz.com through the app. Those of you who want to buy a train ticket can buy an advance ticket 5 days before the departure. If you want to know the location and schedule of the train, you can send an SMS to 16316.

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