Best FTP Server BD 2022 । BDIX FTP Server List Download Bangladesh

Best FTP Server BD 2022 Bangladesh BDIX FTP Server List Download 2022. FTP is software that can be used to transfer files from one computer to another computer. It is very popular because it allows easy file transfer through FTP or File Transfer Protocol servers. You may also have heard the name of the FTP server. You can easily download the necessary files by accessing this FTP server through any internet-connected device.

Best FTP Server List BD

Do you want to know the list of the best FTP servers in Bangladesh? Here we have provided the list of all FTP servers in Bangladesh. FTP is File Transfer Protocol. In short, it is a number of policies specific to web-based files. If a server provides access to files according to this policy, it is often referred to as an FTP server. who

Nowadays FTP servers hold a lot of data and you can find your required documents from one such server. The download speed of the FTP server is very high, so you can download any file in a very fast time using it.

List of all FTP servers in Bangladesh

Knowing about an FTP server is also a must if you want to create a website. If you are a web developer then you need to keep your website data on a server. This server is needed to upload, download, copy or delete the media files used on your website. If this server is fast, the speed of the website will be fast.

Sports Channel Live Servers

BDIX  FTP Servers (Active)

  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. VootBd
  5. OnBDIX
  6. Natural BD
  7. Boss BD
  8. Moja Loss
  9. The Introvision
  10. Fun Time BD
  11. Quick Online FTP
  12. E-Box File Server
  13. IT Base BD
  14. Movie Server – English
  16. Movie Server – Bangla
  17. Dhaka Movie
  18. Seba IT
  19. Panda Club BD
  20. Jhal Muri
  21. Asian FTP
  22. Net@Home BD
  23. Dhaka – FTP
  24. .Net Movie Server
  25. VdoMela FTP 
  26. Media FTP
  27. GenVideos
  28. Dnet Drive FTP
  29. Inspire FTP
  30. Bongo BD FTP
  31. SAM FTP
  32. Mango Gamers
  33. CrazyCTG
  34. MyBDPlex
  35. Net Matrix BD
  36. Quick Online
  37. City Cloud
  38. Kiss Anime
  39. Movie Box BD
  40. BD Lan
  41. DFN DB
  42. Spark Net BD

Torrent FTP Server List

  1. Crazyhd
  2. Torrentbd
  3. PSArips

BDIX FTP TV Server Link 2022

  1. SAM Online Live
  2. Gtv Live
  3. Jago TV
  4. BDIX Media TV
  5. T Sports BD
  6. Amar BD
  7. Watch Live Cricket

YouTube Live TV Server List

  1. NTV Bangladesh
  2. Somoy TV
  3. RTV
  4. GTV Live
  5. Jamuna TV
  6. Independent Television
  7. DBC News
  8. 24 News – Malayalam
  9. Asianet News
  10. AajTak
  11. Al Jazeera English
  12. Manorama News
  13. Channels Television
  14. CNN News 18
  15. Euronews English
  16. ABP Majha
  17. India Today

FTP server refers to the local server of a particular Internet Service Provider (ISP). Those who have broadband can take advantage of this FTP server. You can take many more benefits including live TV through FTP server. However those who use mobile data cannot use this FTP server. Although the speed of FTP server is very high, it is not stable all the time, so it does not get the same speed. Almost all internet providers in Bangladesh together contribute to BDIX Server, BDIX Server. Most FTP servers work with BDIX.

Broadband users have their ISPs connected to their cables so using broadband results in much higher speeds than we normally get.

A user of Link 3 can connect the FTP server to their computer cable and transfer data to their personal computer hard disk by connecting the fiber cable. Once you connect the ISP server to your computer, you can access any file.

BDIX Hosting

BDIX is one of the most popular servers in Bangladesh. BDIX Hosting is basically a web hosting service for websites, email or other digital products. BDIX server was replaced in 2004 and is currently the most popular server for data storage.

About 3500 Bangladeshi internet service providers are interconnected to reduce international routing with local data traffic.

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