Best Y Level For Diamonds 1.18 Minecraft Version

Diamond is a very necessary metal for Minecraft gamers. Diamonds in Minecraft can be used to make a lot of good weapons, armor or other items. But finding diamonds in the Minecraft game is a bit more difficult than other objects. This time, after the 1.18 version update of Minecraft, the loading of diamonds has changed more than before. As a result, many people are not finding diamonds. The reason why I can’t find diamonds is that everything has increased in height after Minecraft 1.18 version. So what is the location of this new diamond? You must want to know what is the new diamond location in Minecraft or where can diamonds be found on the Y axis. No reason to worry. Today through this article I will tell you in which location you can find diamonds in Minecraft.



Best y Level For Diamonds 1.18

Those who play the Minecraft game must not be able to find diamonds in the previous location after the 1.18 version update. Many people have also shared this issue on social media and wrote about possible places where diamonds can be found. Earlier, gamers would find diamonds if they went to a specific height, now diamonds are not available at that height.

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When Mojang Studios (The Game Developer) released the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update on November 30th, it was loaded with many new features and new additions. Diamond was one of them. And since this update, the possible diamond location has changed. Diamond’s density and height have changed but if you know where to get diamonds you should be able to loot them very easily. So if you can’t find diamonds after updating to Minecraft 1.18 version or if you can find them in very small quantity then this article is for you.

Where to find Diamonds in Minecraft: 1.18 Version

Minecraft developers have changed the diamond finder power location after their 1.18 version update. Like other Minecraft materials, diamonds are produced in “blobs” of multiple ore blocks. These blobs can be found in two separate batches located at different locations. From now on you will find diamonds at level y = -58 and this is now the best level to find diamonds. Also y = 14 and y = -63. You can easily find diamonds in the levels.

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Before finding diamonds in Minecraft, take a pickaxe and mine diamonds with it. With a powerful Pickaxe you will be able to mine layers of mines very quickly. It may still take some time to find the ore, as they are rare for a reason, but determined gamers can discover their bounty all the same.

Last Word

Here we have described the easiest method and levels to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 version. If you have played Minecraft then this article can help you a lot. Comment if you don’t understand any part of this article. If you find more diamonds than this in any level, you can comment.


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