Daily Routine SSC। SSC Candidates Daily Reading Routine 2023

SSC Exam 2023 requires good preparation to achieve desired results. And to prepare well, it is necessary to study according to plan. Daily Reading Reading every day reduces the stress during exams.
Good results will come from studying according to the routine. Here are some suggestions for the SSC candidates about how the study routine should be.

Study routine of SSC candidates 2023 at home can be of two types:-
1. Weekly i.e. it is for any other period during the examination period.
2. For the preparation of studies just before the exam.

Daily Routine SSC 2023

Before creating a daily Routine, we can divide the 24 hours into several parts. There can be no human activity for 24 hours. So a routine is created for the amount of time that people can use. For the convenience of students we can divide each day into several parts. And they are:-

  • The first part of the day is morning
  • Mid-day or afternoon/afternoon
  • Late part of the day or evening/night.

Today’s daily routine SSC 2023 will be made based on the above three parts. Especially today’s article, although we are making it with SSC candidates in mind, this website has study routines for all classes of students starting from primary school students.

By following just six rules, a student can create a good study routine for good results. Rule six is ​​given below:-

  • First of all, the student’s study room should be set because seventy percent of good results are achieved from the study environment. So every student should keep in mind to arrange the study room nicely.
  • Students have to decide which subject to start studying
  • Instead of reading for 10 hours daily, it will be more useful if you read 6 hours with regular attention.
    Handset or mobile phone should never be kept close after reading. Because it can disturb the concentration of studies.
  • One should never study continuously for a long time, as it will tire the student. A bottle of water should be kept on the reading table and drink water occasionally while reading.
  • You can never cheat in studies because you have to remember that you are not cheating others, you are cheating yourself. You have to develop different strategies and methods for studying.
  • Study should not be done only in morning and evening method but study should be done in three to four methods or parts.

Morning Routine

A student has to wake up in the first part of the day i.e. early in the morning. If a student wakes up early in the night and starts studying, there is ample time available for studying. And during this time the focus is more on studying which is better than studying all day.
A student should occasionally take a walk for some light exercise in between studies. This will take 20 to 25 minutes. Then immediately sit on the reading table.

Memorized readings can be recited at this time, which will be memorized in a very short time. By 8 or 9 in the morning one can finish the memorization based readings.

After that the student has to have breakfast. Then take a 10 minute break and take a short walk to revise the morning study. After that you have to prepare for going to school and if the school is closed then you have to take rest for 1 hour. After that study should be continued continuously till noon. At this time, the student can study any subject of his choice, but it is better to study English or Bengali at this time.

But one thing should be noted that one cannot read continuously for a long time. Take a break for 5-10 minutes after 45 minutes or an hour. If you read continuously without taking a break, that reading is not very effective.

Also, the student should be very careful that there are no distracting devices around while studying. Always keep your mobile phone away while reading.

Afternoon Routine

In the middle of the day, after returning from school and taking a short rest after having a bath and lunch, a light sleep can be taken.
Wake up and get clean and practice the tasks given by the school teacher. And if there is no such subject then you can read any subject as you wish.

After that, from five in the afternoon to the evening, you can play sports or hang out with friends or go for a walk. Or various social activities can be done during this time.

Night study routine

Night time is the last part of a student’s studies. The student must have a light breakfast before sitting down to study at night. After that study should be continued until Isha prayer. Then finish dinner and concentrate again on the reading table. At night students can study slightly more difficult subjects if they wish.
At this time you can practice difficult subjects like chemistry, physics or mathematics or higher mathematics.
At night the student should try his best to study till the end of the study. But you should not go to sleep too late, it is harmful to health. After reading, sleep at night and prepare to wake up next morning.

I hope, through this article, I have been able to give an idea about the ideal routine of an SSC student. But this routine can be arranged by a student as per his wish. If you study in the routine month, the urge to study is a little more, it reduces the wastage of time and studies can be done effectively.

Last word

We hope you find out about SSC Scholarship Result 2022. If you have any questions about SSC Scholarship Result 2022, ask questions here. If you do not understand any part of this article, please comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always tries to solve your problem. To know more about this, join our Facebook group and stay with us by Like our Facebook page. Thanks so much for reading the full article.

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