Dakhil Form Fill Up Link 2023

Madrasa Education Board has already released the notification on their official website for the year 2023 Dakhil Exam Form Fillup and Madrasa Education Board has fixed the date of Dakhil Form Fillup.

Submission of exam form filling will start on 18th of December and will end on 4th of January. All the students have to complete the form fill within the said period. eff has published the notification determining the form fill schedule, fee amount for the 2023 Dakhil exam.

The board’s examination controller Md. Kamal Uddin published the form filling notification on 11th December 2022 on the official website of Madrasa Board. The notification informed that the application form for the 2023 Dakhil exam can be filled online from December 18 to January 4.

Madrasa Board has to pay a free fee to fill up the submission examination form.

2023 Dakhil Exam Form Fill Up List:-

1. Students of science department have to pay a total of 1815 rupees for filling the form.
Out of 1815 rupees, the board fee is 1375 rupees and the center fee is 440 rupees.

2. A total fee of Tk 1545 has been fixed for filling the Dakhil examination form for the students of General Mujabbir and Hifzul Quran section. Out of this, Tk 1185 board fee and Tk 360 center fee have been fixed.

However, before paying the fee, you have to fill up the form or apply online. The online form fillup application can be done in two ways, namely mobile app and website. Fill the form online through “Sonali e-Sheba” mobile app or Sonali Bank website and submit the form fill fee.

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