Dakhil Result 2022 Check System [Check Madrasah Board SSC Result]

Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board “Dakhil” Exam Result 2022 will be released on November 28 at 12 noon. Our article will help you very easily to know the instructions to view Madrasa Dakhil Exam Result from Board website (

The notification of the Ministry of Education has informed on November 26 that the Madrasa Education Board submission exam results will be published on November 28 at 12:00 PM along with the SSC and Technical Board SSC equivalent exam results of all general boards of Bangladesh.

The notification said, “On November 28, 2022 at 12:00 PM, the results of Dakhil Exam 2022 will be published simultaneously from the website of the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board and the respective institutions.”

After the release of the results of the entrance examination, the respective results of the candidates and the results of the institution will be known online from the website of Education Board Bangladesh. The result of the educational institution can be collected from the website of the seat board. Apart from this, the result of submission examination can be known through the return message by sending a message in a specific format through mobile SMS.

Some guidelines for getting Dakhil Exam Result online:

1. The name of the exam should be written in English characters. For example: DAKHIL followed by a space.

2. The first 3 letters of the board name should be capitalized. Eg: MAD deserves a space here too.

3. Candidates should write their roll number in English numbers. Ex: 321245 followed by space.

4. Examination year should be written in English Education. For example: 2022.

After writing the message, send it to 16222 from any mobile operator.

Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board’s website can download Madrasa Result Sheet of district wise centers by clicking on Online Service-1 Corner Submission Exam 2022 link.

The results can be checked through the Education Board’s result archive website with the candidate’s roll and registration number.

To know the exam result through mobile message, write the message in the following format and send it to 16222. For example:

Dakhil<space>Mad<space>123456<space>2022 Send 16222

Example: Text Dakhil Mad 123456 2022 to 16222 from any operator’s mobile.

The return message will contain the result of the submitted test along with the grade points. For details on this, see Madrasa Board notification.

Dakhil Result Check System 2022

Visit website


Browsing the above address will open the result search page in the browser as shown in the image below.

Now enter the exam name, year, board, roll, registration number of the candidate in the search form. Finally enter captcha sum and click submit button.

  • Examination: Select the examination name here. Like SSC/Dakhil.
  • Year: Select the exam year. For example: 2022.
  • Board: Select the candidate’s board. Like Madrasah.
  • Roll: Enter the candidate’s roll number in English numbers.
  • Reg: No: Enter the registration number of the candidate here in English numbers.
  • CAPTCHA NUMBERS: Here it will ask you to find the sum of two numbers in numbers in English. Enter the sum in the cell to the right.
  • Submit: If the above information is correctly selected and written, check it all well. Finally click on submit button of result search form.

Last word

Hope you got to know about Dakhil Exam Result Viewing Rules 2022. If you have any query regarding Dakhil Exam Result Viewing Rules 2022 then ask here. If you don’t understand any part of this article comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always try to solve your problem.

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