England vs USA Head to Head [Games Played, Wins, Goals]

England vs USA head to head. Both England and USA are very strong football teams. England, Iran, America (USA) and Wales are in Group B of this year’s Football World Cup. Today we will discuss England vs USA football head to head.

There is already no end of interest for the game lovers with the football world cup. In every World Cup, the teams that qualify for the Football World Cup are the ones who have the most enthusiasm. The Football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. This year, many people are excited about the football world cup that started on November 20 in Qatar. We have published here the head-to-head of all teams in Qatar World Cup.

England vs USA head to head

This comparison will show which teams have won against each other in previous years and who has won how many matches against whom. Also we will discuss which is the biggest win and which is the biggest loss. So if you are a football fan and want to know England vs USA head to head then check below.

Both England and USA are very strong football teams. England and USA have met a total of 11 times in international football. Of these, England won eight matches and America won two matches. Another match has been drawn.

England vs America head to head

England and America met for the first time in the 1950 World Cup. The two teams met on June 19 that year. In that match, the USA defeated England by one goal. The next time they met was in 1953 and England won. England v USA was played on 28 May 1959 in an international friendly match and England won the match 8-1. But this is not England’s greatest victory.

They met in another football international on May 27, 1964, and in that match the football world saw the biggest result between England and the USA. England won that match 10-0. Then another match took place in 1985 which was an international friendly and in that match England won 5-0. Later on 9th June 1993 England vs USA match was held. It was the US Cup competition. USA beat England 2-0 in that match. They then met in three more international friendlies in 1994, 2005 and 2008, with England winning each match.

England won the 1994 match 2-0. 2-1 in 2005 and 2-0 in 2008. England and USA have met twice in FIFA World Cup. The second time was at the FIFA World Cup held on 12 June 2010. However, neither team could win this match. The match was drawn 1-1. England and USA last played a head-to-head match on 15 November 2018 in an international friendly. England won the match 3-0.


29 Jun 1950USA v England1-0FIFA World Cup
08 Jun 1953USA v England3-6International Friendly
28 May 1959USA v England1-8International Friendly
27 May 1964USA v England0-10International Friendly
16 Jun 1985USA v England0-5International Friendly
09 Jun 1993USA v England2-0US Cup
07 Sep 1994England v USA2-0International Friendly
28 May 2005USA v England1-2International Friendly
28 May 2008England v USA2-0International Friendly
12 Jun 2010England v USA1-1FIFA World Cup
15 Nov 2018England v USA3-0International Friendly

International friendlies between England and the USA have been played a total of eight times, all of which have been won by England. However, in the FIFA World Cup, USA’s margin of victory is heavy. The two teams have met twice in the FIFA World Cup, with the USA winning once and drawing the other. Besides, USA also won the US-Cup match.
A look at the matches between England and USA shows that England has dominated and won the matches every time. Most of the big wins came from England and their biggest win was 10-0 which took place on 27th May 1964. Besides, another big match of 8-1 goal was enjoyed by the football world.

This time in FIFA World Cup 2022 two teams are going to face each other from Group B. The match between England and USA will be played on 26 November 2022. Although England has won more matches in the previous matches but if the World Cup competition is seen USA is ahead of England. So it can be said that the football world is going to enjoy another great match.

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