England vs Wales Head to Head [Number of Matches, Wins, Goals]

England vs Wales head to head. Both England and Wales are very strong football teams. England, Iran, America (Wales) and Wales are in Group B of this year’s Football World Cup. Today we will discuss England vs Wales football head to head.

There is already no end of interest for the game lovers with the football world cup. In every World Cup, the teams that qualify for the Football World Cup are the ones who have the most enthusiasm. The Football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. This year, many people are excited about the football world cup that started on November 20 in Qatar. We have published here the head to head of all teams in Qatar World Cup.

England vs Wales head to head

103 football matches have been played between England and Wales. England and Wales are two very good teams. But in terms of wins, England is ahead of Wales. Out of 103 matches, England won 68 matches and Wales won 14 matches in total. The remaining 21 matches have been drawn. Judging by this, it can be said that England is much ahead of Wales in the face-to-face match. The first match between England and Wales was played on 18 June 1879. The first match between England and Wales was an international friendly.

Then England won the second match as well. However, the third and fourth matches which were held in 1881 and 1882 were won by Wales with great performances. The British Home Championship is the main reason why so many matches between Bangladesh are held in England. The British Home Championship is held almost every year and England did not lose a match from 1883 to 1914. Among the matches played during this period, six matches were drawn and the remaining matches were won by England. On 15 March 1920, England defeated England 2–1 in the first ever British Championship match.


18 Jan 1879England v Wales2-1International Friendly
15 Mar 1880Wales v England2-3International Friendly
26 Feb 1881England v Wales0-1International Friendly
13 Mar 1882Wales v England5-3International Friendly
03 Feb 1883England v Wales5-0International Friendly
17 Mar 1884Wales v England0-4British Home Championship
14 Mar 1885England v Wales1-1British Home Championship
29 Mar 1886Wales v England1-3British Home Championship
26 Feb 1887England v Wales4-0British Home Championship
04 Feb 1888England v Wales5-1British Home Championship
23 Feb 1889England v Wales4-1British Home Championship
15 Mar 1890Wales v England1-3British Home Championship
07 Mar 1891England v Wales4-1British Home Championship
05 Mar 1892Wales v England0-2British Home Championship
13 Mar 1893England v Wales6-0British Home Championship
12 Mar 1894Wales v England1-5British Home Championship
18 Mar 1895England v Wales1-1British Home Championship
16 Mar 1896Wales v England1-9British Home Championship
29 Mar 1897England v Wales4-0British Home Championship
28 Mar 1898Wales v England0-3British Home Championship
20 Mar 1899England v Wales4-0British Home Championship
26 Mar 1900Wales v England1-1British Home Championship
18 Mar 1901England v Wales6-0British Home Championship
03 Mar 1902Wales v England0-0British Home Championship
02 Mar 1903England v Wales2-1British Home Championship
29 Feb 1904Wales v England2-2British Home Championship
27 Mar 1905England v Wales3-1British Home Championship
19 Mar 1906Wales v England0-1British Home Championship
18 Mar 1907England v Wales1-1British Home Championship
16 Mar 1908Wales v England1-7British Home Championship
15 Mar 1909England v Wales2-0British Home Championship
14 Mar 1910Wales v England0-1British Home Championship
13 Mar 1911England v Wales3-0British Home Championship
11 Mar 1912Wales v England0-2British Home Championship
17 Mar 1913England v Wales4-3British Home Championship
16 Mar 1914Wales v England0-2British Home Championship
15 Mar 1920England v Wales1-2British Home Championship
14 Mar 1921Wales v England0-0British Home Championship
13 Mar 1922England v Wales1-0British Home Championship
05 Mar 1923Wales v England2-2British Home Championship
03 Mar 1924England v Wales1-2British Home Championship
28 Feb 1925Wales v England1-2British Home Championship
01 Mar 1926England v Wales1-3British Home Championship
12 Feb 1927Wales v England3-3British Home Championship
28 Nov 1927England v Wales1-2British Home Championship
17 Nov 1928Wales v England2-3British Home Championship
20 Nov 1929England v Wales6-0British Home Championship
22 Nov 1930Wales v England0-4British Home Championship
18 Nov 1931England v Wales3-1British Home Championship
16 Nov 1932Wales v England0-0British Home Championship
15 Nov 1933England v Wales1-2British Home Championship
29 Sep 1934Wales v England0-4British Home Championship
05 Feb 1936England v Wales1-2British Home Championship
17 Oct 1936Wales v England2-1British Home Championship
17 Nov 1937England v Wales2-1British Home Championship
22 Oct 1938Wales v England4-2British Home Championship
13 Nov 1946England v Wales3-0British Home Championship
18 Oct 1947Wales v England0-3British Home Championship
10 Nov 1948England v Wales1-0British Home Championship
15 Oct 1949Wales v England1-4FIFA World Cup
15 Nov 1950England v Wales4-2British Home Championship
20 Oct 1951Wales v England1-1British Home Championship
12 Nov 1952England v Wales5-2British Home Championship
10 Oct 1953Wales v England1-4FIFA World Cup
10 Nov 1954England v Wales3-2British Home Championship
22 Oct 1955Wales v England2-1British Home Championship
14 Nov 1956England v Wales3-1British Home Championship
19 Oct 1957Wales v England0-4British Home Championship
26 Nov 1958England v Wales2-2British Home Championship
17 Oct 1959Wales v England1-1British Home Championship
23 Nov 1960England v Wales5-1British Home Championship
14 Oct 1961Wales v England1-1British Home Championship
21 Nov 1962England v Wales4-0British Home Championship
12 Oct 1963Wales v England0-4British Home Championship
18 Nov 1964England v Wales2-1British Home Championship
02 Oct 1965Wales v England0-0British Home Championship
16 Nov 1966England v Wales5-1UEFA European Championship
21 Oct 1967Wales v England0-3UEFA European Championship
07 May 1969England v Wales2-1British Home Championship
18 Apr 1970Wales v England1-1British Home Championship
19 May 1971England v Wales0-0British Home Championship
20 May 1972Wales v England0-3British Home Championship
15 Nov 1972Wales v England0-1FIFA World Cup
24 Jan 1973England v Wales1-1FIFA World Cup
15 May 1973England v Wales3-0British Home Championship
11 May 1974Wales v England0-2British Home Championship
21 May 1975England v Wales2-2British Home Championship
24 Mar 1976Wales v England1-2Centenary Match
08 May 1976Wales v England0-1British Home Championship
31 May 1977England v Wales0-1British Home Championship
13 May 1978Wales v England1-3British Home Championship
23 May 1979England v Wales0-0British Home Championship
17 May 1980Wales v England4-1British Home Championship
20 May 1981England v Wales0-0British Home Championship
27 Apr 1982Wales v England0-1British Home Championship
23 Feb 1983England v Wales2-1British Home Championship
02 May 1984Wales v England1-0British Home Championship
09 Oct 2004England v Wales2-0FIFA World Cup
03 Sep 2005Wales v England0-1FIFA World Cup
26 Mar 2011Wales v England0-2UEFA European Championship
06 Sep 2011England v Wales1-0UEFA European Championship
16 Jun 2016England v Wales2-1UEFA European Championship
08 Oct 2020England v Wales3-0International Friendly

England and Wales met for the first time in the FIFA World Cup on 15 October 1949. England won that match by four goals to one. The two teams then met for the second time in the FIFA World Cup on 10 October 1953 and again England beat Wales 4–1. These two teams have met several times in the UEFA European Championship. They met for the first time in this tournament on November 16, 1966. England beat Wales 5-1 in this match. Then on January 24, 1973, the match between England and Wales ended in a 1-1 draw.

Wales vs England head to head football

England and Wales met in the Centenary match on 24th March 1976 and England won the match 2-1. The last time England and Wales met twice was in the 2004 World Cup and England won both times. The last match between England and was played on 8 October 2020. England beat Wales 3-0 in that match. England dominates all tournaments in FIFA World Cup or European Championship.

England’s biggest win was a 9-1 win in the British Home Championship match on 16 March 1986. In addition, they beat England by 60 goals in several matches. England beat Wales 7-1 in a match played on 16 March 1908. Also, Wales won the match on 13th March 1982 by 5-3. Wales had another big 4–2 win in the British Home Championship on 22 October 1938. Apart from these two wins, the other wins were by 2/1 goal difference.

England vs Wales Football

England and Wales have met a total of six times in international friendlies with England winning four and Wales winning the remaining two. The two teams have faced each other a total of six times in the FIFA World Cup and England have emerged victorious each time. England and Wales have met a total of 5 times in UEFA European Championship matches with England winning each time.

England and Wales will face each other again on 30th November 2022 in Qatar World Cup 2022. This time, these two teams will face each other from Group B of the FIFA World Cup.

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