GP SMS Code 2022

GP SMS Purchase Code 2022: We need SMS when we send messages to each other. Using SMS we send SMS to each other. Many people who use GP SIM do not know how to buy SMS on GP SIM. If you send messages without buying SMS on GP SIM, about 2.50 taka per message is deducted from your phone. And for this reason it is important to have SMS on your phone. Those who talk through regular messages can buy SMS at a much lower cost if they buy SMS.

GP has SMS pack like minute pack, internet pack but SMS pack cannot be purchased through recharge. And customers may find it a bit difficult to buy GP SMS pack in Akron. Our today’s article on how to buy GP sms pack, you can buy GP sms pack at very low price by buying GP sms pack. GP SMS packs come in different durations. Here we have given the code to buy all sms packs from 3 days to 30 days.

GP 3 days validity sms pack code 2022

The lowest validity pack of GP SMS pack is 3 days validity pack. Those who want to buy GP SMS at a very low cost can use these SMS packs of GP. GP 3 days validity SMS pack available at Rs 4 and Rs 5. GP can buy 25 SMS for Tk 4 with validity of 3 days. GP need to dial *121*1015*2# to get 25 SMS pack for Rs.4. Dial *111*10*03# to buy 100 SMS for GP 5.

GP 30 days validity sms pack purchase code 2022

To buy SMS for GP 30 days validity you need to download flexiplan and take it from there. Many GP SIM users use the My GP app. People who use MyGP app can create your own plan and buy SMS by logging into MyGP app. In this case you will be able to buy up to 200,500,1000,2000 messages.

You can download MyGP app from here.

GP SMS Pack List 2022

List of all SMS packs of GP/GP is given in this section. Those of you who want to get the SMS pack of GP can check it from here. Dialcode is listed. Some SMS packs can only be purchased from the My GP app, they are stated.

PackExperied DateUSSD Code
25 SMS 4 TK৩  Day*121*1015*2#
100 SMS 5 TK৩  Day*111*10*03#
200 SMS 12 TK৩০ DayFlexiplan/My GP App
500 SMS 20 TK30 DayFlexiplan/My GP App
1000 SMS 36 TK30 DayFlexiplan/My GP App
2000 SMS 58 TK 30 DayFlexiplan/My GP App

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