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GST Admission Circular 2023 [PDF Downlaod] |

GST admission notification 2022-2023 has been published. Those who want to take GST Admission Test 2023 in 2023 will be able to know all the information including the application procedure, number of seats, seat plan of GST Admission Test 2023 from here. If you want to know how to apply for a GST admission or any information related to GST admission application, read the GST admission notification 2023 in full. Since the GST Admission Test is a new test method and the application rules are very different, it is very important for those who have prepared for the GST Admission Test 2023 and are thinking of applying now to read the GST Admission Notification 2023 in full.

GST Admission Exam Date 2023

It was initially said that the GST admission test 2023 will be held in September but later it was informed that the GST admission test 2023 will be in August. It was informed that many students had questions about this.

GST is a combined university admission exam where 20 universities take admission combined. Gst is means is general science and technology. Firstly, the primary selection will be started then the main admission test will happen. Today GST exam commission release a circular for 2023 admission students. This notice contains information about all the criteria for students. So, this information is valuable for all admitted students. In this post, you will know about all the notices about the GST admission circular. We will provide all the notice about GST. You will find everything including result notice question, question solve, and many more about GST and other educational things.

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GST Notice 2023

In the GST exam notice, you will find about application date, application fee, application requirement for students, exam marks, and all the details about admission. So, keep with us for the admission notice. Here is the date of the primary application date



Start: June 2023

End: June 2023

Application fee: soon


GST Admission Requirement 2023

In this admission exam, all the students can’t participate because of the minimum GPA requirement. So, every student must fulfill their requirement for primary selection. In this notice, they also gave the requirement for GPA. So before applying, you have to fulfill their GPA requirement. After that, you can select in their primary selection so that you can participate in the GST admission exam. Here is the admission GPA requirement for all the students

Arts group: minimum need GPA of 6.00 in combined SSC and HSC results.

Science group: minimum need GPA of 7.00 in combined SSC and HSC results.

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Business studies group: minimum need GPA of 6.50 in combined SSC and HSC results.


GST Marks Distribution 2023


  • Science group (A unit )




Total number

Essential subject










Optional (any two)








  • Arts group ( B unit )










100 number

  • Business studies (C unit)





Business organization and management












GST Exam date 2023

After the primary selection, there will be an admission test where students have to qualify for their exam so they have to sit in this exam without this exam students cannot select for university. So, students must qualify for this exam. So, the exam committee also reveal the date of this exam. Here is the date of the selected unit

A UNIT (science)          30th July 2023

B UNIT (arts)               13th august 2023

C UNIT (business)      20th august 2023

Time:  Saturday morning sharp at 10 AM


GST Admission Apply Process 2023

Well, all the processes are online. You have to apply online, and you can pay also online. So here is the process of the online application.

  • You must first go to the GST website
  • There are guidelines on how to complete the admission process of all the units after visiting the website. So read the guidelines very well.
  • Click on the Apply button on this website of 20 Public University to apply for admission in any unit.
  • After clicking on the apply button, the applicant must give the roll number of SSC and HSC exams.
  • Then fill in the name of the board you passed from and click on the click button
  • And finally, click the Confirm button.
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This is the GST admission notice for all the students who want to participate in this exam so you must read carefully and prepare for your exam. You will find all the information about the GST admission exam so follow our site.

Last word

We hope you find out about GST Admission Circular 2023. If you have any questions about GST Admission Circular 2023, ask questions here. If you do not understand any part of this article, please comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always tries to solve your problem. To know more about this, join our Facebook group and stay with us by Like our Facebook page. Thanks so much for reading the full article.

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