How To Buy Metro Rail Tickets 2023

Dhaka Metrorail is starting today 28 November 2022. Those who travel by metro rail must know how to buy a metro rail ticket. As this is the first Metrorail in Bangladesh, this is new to everyone. That is why we have discussed in this article how to book metro rail tickets. So if you want to travel on Metrorail then definitely read our complete article.

In the first phase, the metro rail will run from Uttara to Agargaon. In the first phase, there will be no train at any station except these two stations.

There are two types of Metrorail tickets. A permanent ticket and a temporary ticket.

Standing Ticket (For Regular Passengers)

Passengers can collect a card for 200 Tk. The validity of this card is 10 years. The card can be recharged from metro rail stations. Currently there is a card recharge system only from inside the station but later passengers will get the facility of card recharge from outside the station as well.

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There are many advantages of having this card for those who will travel on Metrorail for regular office or other work. Through this, the trouble of buying tickets every time can be avoided. For an MRT pass, the passenger must first purchase a ticket. Every time you run out of money, you have to recharge. This card will remain with the passenger. It should not be submitted.

Provisional Ticket (For Irregular Passengers)

This ticket is for those passengers who do not travel regularly on Metrorail. Passengers can also collect this ticket from inside the station. At present, there is only a ticket worth 60 taka, which allows pilgrims to travel from Uttara to Agargao and from Agargao to Uttara. However, passengers can take tickets from all stations only when metro rail is fully operational. In that case, passengers can buy a temporary metro rail ticket for a minimum of 20 Tk.

For a single journey the passenger has to purchase the ticket before every journey. After completing the journey, the ticket should be deposited at the door of the station. If this ticket is not submitted, the door will not open and the passenger will not be able to exit the station.

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Ticketing rules

For now, passengers can buy tickets from two Metrorail stations. Tickets can be collected through automated machines and from the ticket staff at the station counters.

How to buy ticket through automatic machine

  • First select Bangla or English option on the monitor
  • Select tickets for single and permanent journey
  • Select your destination from the list of destinations. (The list of fares of any station will be given)
  • Select the number of tickets (for single journey a passenger cannot buy more than five tickets in one journey)
  • After that press the Ok button and the signal to enter the money will come
  • A minimum of 20 taka and a maximum of 1000 taka can be entered in the machine
  • After entering the money, the ticket will come out

Our website provides all information related to Metrorail tickets. If you have any query related to Metrorail ticketing rules then you can ask in the comment section.

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