How To Check 109th Prize Bond Draw Result Online 2022

109th prize bond draw result 2022 published. Those who have a prize bond worth 100 takas can check the result of the 109th prize bond draw online. You can check the 109th prize bond draw result online through this website and if you want you can download the 109th prize bond result 2022 PDF.

How to check 109th prize bond result in below part. Easy way to check prizebond result and how to check 109th prizebond result online is given in detail.

Prizebond was once very popular in Bangladesh. In earlier days in Bangladesh, prize bonds were given as gifts in various social events. For example:- It was customary to give prize bonds as gifts or prizes on birthdays, marriages, getting good results in exams, various school competitions, circumcision etc. The reason prizebonds are so popular is because they are a great savings method. The customer can deposit it and withdraw money at any time, there is no fixed period. Again, you can save it for a long time to compare and get rewards. Besides, there is no specific owner of the prize bond. The bearer is the owner of the prize bond. Anyone of any age can own a prizebond.

Prizebond draws are held four times per year. Prizebond draws are usually held every three months. 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October.

However, if there is any weekly or public holiday on the said dates or if the prize bond draw cannot be held for any other reason, it will be completed on the next working day. Prizebonds are essentially an interest-free investment by the government of Bangladesh to the public.


Prizes per draw per series


(a) 1 first prize of Rs.6,00,000,
(b) 1 second prize of Rs.3,25,000,
(c) 2 third prizes of Rs.1,00,000 each,
(d) 2 fourth prizes of Rs.50,000 each,
(e) 40 fifth prizes of Rs.10,000 each.

The names and prize bond numbers of the winners of each draw are published in national and daily newspapers. The winner of the draw can claim the prize up to two years after the draw. After 2 years of the draw, you can no longer claim the prize.

Although the circulation of prize bonds has decreased a lot compared to earlier, there is still a considerable demand for prize bonds. However, in this digital era, very few people have the mentality to match the prize bond numbers with such patience after looking at the newspaper. As a result, many houses have accumulated prize bonds but cannot claim the prize due to lack of reconciliation.

In 1956, the first prizebonds were introduced in Ireland. It is a type of security bearing interest free bond issued by the Irish Ministry of Finance through Prizebond Company Limited. The first prize bond of Tk 10-50 was launched in Bangladesh. Then in 1995, a prize bond of 100 taka was introduced. After the prize bond of Tk 100, the earlier prize bonds of Tk 10 and Tk 50 were withdrawn from the bank. A person can usually buy a prize bond worth Rs.45 lakh.


Keeping in mind the way people work in digital Bangladesh, the easiest way to check prizebonds is to use mobile apps. A quality prizebond checker app can meet all your needs. This article of ours will introduce you to the rules and checker app to easily view the results in a standard way.


Benefits that you will get from the Bangladeshi Prizebond Checker app:


1. You can use this app for free. You can use this app for free.
2. There is no charge for adding 10 prize bonds.
3. If you want to add more than 10 prizebonds, subscribe as many prizebonds as you want to add according to your needs.
4. With prizebond draw, the result of the draw will be delivered to your mobile quickly.


How to use the app?


Download and install the app from your mobile’s Google Play Store. Or download the archive by typing Prize Bond Checker and searching.


Prizebond checker app


After installing the Prizebond Checker app, register with your name, email number and phone number. Activation code will reach your mobile enter this code in the app and complete the registration. Then login and add your prizebonds.


Points to note:-

A report reviewed showed that only 50% of winners in Bangladesh apply for prizebond awards. Even after receiving the prize, many reasons have been found for not withdrawing the prize money. The reasons are as follows:-


In many cases, people do not know when the prizebonds are drawn during the year or how the results of the draw are known.
Not many people know about Prizebond Checker app.
Many people neglect or don’t have time due to their busy schedule to look up heart results by searching various papers.


Bangladesh Prizebond ‘Draw’ Result Search Software

Use prizebond draw result search software and find your number. You can find out if you have won online by just entering your prize number. This rule is new so many people don’t know how to check their prize bond results. Below is how to check prize bond results through software.

  1. Visit this link http://www.irdbd.online/prizebond/
  2. Press Enter Number button
  3. Type the general number of the prizebond (excluding series) in Bengali or English and click on the search button.
  4. Separate numbers with commas (,) to search for multiple common numbers at once. Example: 0469480, 0418004
  5. Use a hyphen (-) between the first and last numbers to search for consecutive ordinal numbers. Example: 0469090-0917009


If your number matches with the prize bond number then you will be selected for the prize. You have to fill out a form to claim the prize.

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