How To Check Saudi Arabia Visa With Passport Number 2022

Every year many people from Bangladesh migrate to Saudi Arabia in search of livelihood. These people who migrated abroad in search of livelihood are almost in the grip of the supply company without knowing the proper visa rules or the method of checking the visa with the passport number. The supply companies fix the labor but the profits are not looted by the third party companies, many are left destitute again in the clutches of these companies.
So before going to Saudi Arabia in search of livelihood, you need to check the visa well and be sure how the supply companies are? Through this article of ours, you can know details about visa check rules 2022 through passport and know about supply companies.

Saudi Arabia has replaced the old visa checking site with the new site So many people do not understand this new side.
At this stage we will discuss step by step to check Saudi visa stamping. If you follow the below steps seriously, visa check will be easy.

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Step 1

Visit the Saudi visa checking website – For example –
MOFA Saudi visa check, then select “E” for English language from the top left side menu. Also, the link to check visa directly from the website is currently not available.

Step 2

Check the visa according to the rules below.
Enter your passport number on the page. Select Work or other category as visa type.

Then select your nationality Current Nationality Bangladesh. And Visa Issuing Authority will be Saudi Mission in Dhaka so select “Dhaka” here.

Step 3

Check Saudi Visa Information:

You can see the status of your application directly after checking Mofa Visa by Passport Number, if the visa has already been issued or approved. You will see all the visa information like:- Visa Number, Application Number, Visa Sponsor or Company Name and all your information.

Check Saudi Visa With Passport Number In 2022

You can use “Google translator” to translate Saudi visa to Bengali. Copy the Arabic text and paste it in Google search to know the name of the company and profession in the visa. Then after writing Arabic write English translation and search on google. The Saudi visa contains the name of the company and your profession in Arabic. If you don’t understand Arabic, you can translate it from Google translator and understand it if you search it on Google.

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How to understand the visa is valid?

The sponsor name in the visa will have the company name and if the visa is issued or approved in your name, then all your information will be in the visa and if the visa is not issued in your name, then no information will be shown. Since the name of the company with Saudi and all your information will be written in Arabic, you can translate it to English or Bengali by going to Google search.
For example :- شركة تاييد الوزيث للتشغيل والمنتجة شركة پاسه واحد company name can be seen in google translator if you search it in google.

All those who are going or will go abroad should check the visa well before traveling. Get the details of whether the visa is correct, whether the profession and the company name are correct. These can now be checked very easily online, so don’t go abroad without checking. It is more likely to cause harm than benefit.
So check your visa online to avoid fraud.

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Answers to some questions about checking Saudi visa

1. How to check Saudi Arabia visa? A. To check Saudi Arabia visa easily visit MOFA visa check site. Here you can check visa with your passport number.

2. How to check company name and occupation on visa?

A. After checking Saudi visa from Enjaz website you will see Visa Sponsor and Occupation. These will be written in Arabic. You can check the translation from Google Translate by searching on Google.

3. What is the way to know which profession has been appointed?
A. By using language translator or google lens you can know the occupation or profession very easily. So don’t just check that the visa is online. Check all your information to make sure that all the information on the visa matches what the agent told you.

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