How To Connect Carnival Wi-Fi Card 2022 – Price and Other Details

Many people who use Carnival WiFi are familiar with the Carnival Card. Carnival company has brought to the users the opportunity to use the Internet in a new way. In this rule, you get the opportunity to use Carnival Internet without a router. If the carnival card is available at your nearest store, you can easily connect to WiFi by purchasing it. Carnival cards have various packages. You can choose a package of your choice. The popularity of carnival cards has increased tremendously due to their affordability. Besides, many people now want to use it because it is easily available and can be connected without hassle.

From here you can know the details of carnival card and know more how to connect carnival Wi-Fi card.

Carnival Wi-Fi Card Price 2022

Carnival Internet cards are now available at Carnival Hot Points. The cards are available at very affordable prices. By buying a card for just 7 Tk you can use 4 hours of unlimited internet. Carnival package name and price list is attached in this section.

4 Hours7 TK
1 Day15 TK
2 Day25 TK
5 Day50 TK
10 Day89 Tk
1 Month250 TK
1 Month ( 3 device)599 TK
1 Month (5 Device)899Tk


banner2-objectHow to connect to Carnival Wi-Fi Internet

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi option of your mobile device
  • Connect to the SSID called Carnival or Carnival-5G
  • A form is available
  • Connect your mobile number, name and 15 digit pin number of scratch card
  • An SMS will come on the mobile. A 6 digit password will be written in that SMS
  • Enter the password received in SMS
  • You will be connected to Carnival Internet at this point

How long you stay connected to the Carnival Internet will be displayed on your screen.

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