How To Make Facebook Cover Photo With Avatar In 2022

Facebook has brought a new feature to change the cover photo with Avatar. Earlier Facebook brought features like changing profile picture with the help of Avatar and in its latest update Facebook brought the feature of changing cover photo with Avatar. From now on, any Facebook user can create an Avatar and make any cover photo with that Avatar. You can change the background or pose of the photo while making the cover photo.

Meta has already stated their vision. Creating a cover photo with an avatar is now a step in Meta’s virtual thinking. Many have already changed their cover photo using Avatar. Many people want to change the cover photo using Avatar but are unable to change it because they don’t know how to change it.

What is Avatar Facebook cover photo?

Avatar is able to create a cartoon character like you. You create a cartoon character with a command like Apaya, after which you can create a Facebook comment or profile picture with that cartoon character. Skepticism aside, Facebook’s latest avatar addition could give you another way to establish your avatar as a representation of yourself and align your online activity with that persona, which will increasingly become the norm in the VR and AR spaces.

You can create your own 3D cartoon and use that cartoon by posing it as you wish and changing the background.

How to Change Facebook Cover Photo with Avatar

  • Log in to Facebook to change your Facebook cover photo
  • Click on your profile
  • Here an option like below is available above the cover photo
  • By clicking here you will get two sections named background and pose
  • First select the pose of your avatar
  • After that give the background of your choice in the background section

Now when all the work is done and update the cover photo by selecting a good pose with a good background.


Facebook cover photo can be changed very easily with Avatar. Those who want to change their Facebook cover photo with their avatar can easily change their Facebook cover photo by following the above rules.

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