How To Make Money on Facebook In 2023: 7 Easy Ways

Make Money on Facebook: Facebook is currently the largest social media platform in the world. Many of us know that you can earn from Facebook. But how to earn is unknown to many. Currently, the easiest way to earn money from home is to earn from Facebook.

According to a study, about 40 percent of the world’s people spend two to three hours a day on Facebook. Many wish that we could make use of this time to earn. Now many people want to know about the topic “Income from Facebook”.

Facebook, known as social media, can be one of your sources of income. You can earn thousands of rupees per month from Facebook. Just like the mobile phone is an inseparable device for us, running Facebook has become a bit of a habit. Now the number of people who do not have a Facebook account is very less.

Facebook’s features are great. Facebook has made us all like a family where we share our good and bad things.

Again any message exchange or comment we do on Facebook. Another great advantage of Facebook is that through it we talk to each other through messages or calls. And Facebook is slightly ahead of other social media to provide all these features.

You will be surprised to know that currently, around 2.9 million people around the world use Facebook. About 66 percent of people regularly log in to Facebook from mobile or desktop. About 61% of people around the world regularly use Facebook every month. Then you can understand how much Facebook covers our daily life.

How to earn money from Facebook is the main topic of our article today. This article simply presents how you can earn from Facebook. A lot of people think about making money from Facebook, but they don’t get started without reading the right information or being informed correctly. But in this article, we have discussed all the issues and analyzed them with pictures and data which will make it very easy for you to earn from Facebook.

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Here we have highlighted several ways to earn from Facebook and how one can start earning from Facebook. Here are the easiest ways to earn from Facebook and the best ways to earn. So if you are interested in how to earn from Facebook and want to earn from Facebook then please read the complete article.

How to Earn Money From Facebook

Since Facebook is a huge social media platform, there are many ways to earn from this platform. You can start with any method to earn and can earn in one or more ways.

We have analyzed all the methods in detail which will help you to choose which method you will start earning from Facebook or which method you will start your business.

  • Income from Facebook page
  • Earn from Facebook Marketplace
  • Earn through affiliate marketing
  • Earn through Facebook Ads
  • Income through freelancing
  • Earn through online contests on Facebook
  • Earn through online marketing
  • Earn by developing Facebook app
  • Earn through influencer marketing
  • Earn by selling products
  • Earn from Facebook groups
  • Join the PPD program
  • Earn by uploading videos to Facebook
  • Earn instant article writing

All the rules that you can earn from Facebook are mentioned above. Now you don’t know how to earn by reading just one sentence. For that you need to read the details. We have mentioned the details of all the topics mentioned above in the below section.

Start working on all the topics you read that interest you or that you think you can start working on on Facebook.

Earn from Facebook page

Everyone who uses Facebook has more or less idea about Facebook page. Now you can earn from Facebook page. You can earn long time from Facebook page. There are some guidelines to follow to open Facebook page to earn from Facebook page.


How To Make Money With Facebook Page

  • First, open a Facebook page
  • Facebook page can be a page related to gaming content or food review, travel, news portal.
  • While opening the page, you must understand Facebook’s policy. There are some specific guidelines for opening a Facebook page that you must follow to open a Facebook page.
  • By opening a Facebook page and regularly uploading content to that page, you will apply for monetization when your content is seen by regular Facebook users.
  • Once your Facebook page is monetized the income from Facebook page will start.
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There is another way to earn from Facebook page and that is by selling Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page and if that Facebook page has a good number of likes, you can sell that Facebook page for a good price.

Currently there are many groups on Facebook in which Facebook pages are bought and sold, you can search them or you can give a sale notification from the page which has a lot of likes.

Earn From Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace refers to a multiplex within Facebook. You can buy or sell any product on Facebook. Nowadays everything has become online based. Everyone loves to shop online. You can resell any product on Facebook. Download any reselling app from play store.


Earn Through Reselling Apps

  • First download a channel app from play store
  • Register on Reselling App.
  • Submit all the required information including bank details.
  • Select the products according to your requirement or preference and you will get the images of those products in the app.
  • Determine the price of the products you have selected. If you buy a product for 1$, enter the selling price of that product on Facebook for 2$
  • You can choose the product you want and set the price you want.
  • You can resell products on Facebook Marketplace and do it through. Currently many
  • Designs everything on Facebook and you can also design a Facebook page yourself where you can start selling
  • products. In this case, you do not have to pay any kind of product packaging or delivery.


The company will deliver the product to your preferred address on your behalf. The higher the price you can sell a product, the more commission you will earn.

Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling another store’s product or a company’s product. And this work can be done through Facebook. You can earn from Facebook through affiliate marketing only if you have a Facebook page or group. Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing

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  • Find a company or online shop. You can find it through search engine.
  • Log in/register to that online shop
  • Enter bank details and all other information. A verification code may be sent to your email address, verify it correctly.
  • Now select the products of the online shop that you want to promote for sale.
  • A link to the selected product will be available
  • Promote that link and product image on your Facebook page
  • You will get a percentage of the profits if anyone buys the product through your link.

Earn Through Facebook Ads

Many of those who use Facebook are familiar with Facebook Ads. While scrolling through Facebook, we often see various ads that promote various products. Again, we often see advertisements between videos.

You can earn from it by displaying various ads on Facebook. In this case you can also earn through Adsense. You can earn by promoting any product or reselling app.


Income Through Freelancing

Freelancing can also be done through Facebook? Many people have such questions. Freelancers search for work on several freelancing platforms including Fiber to find work. Currently, Facebook is a very large social media.

There are many Facebook groups where you can find regular freelancing jobs. So those who are freelancing or interested in freelancing can join these Facebook groups and work.


Earning from Facebook is very easy but you must work with patience. If you do it today to earn from Facebook with patience then you will surely get success. You can start your journey with any of the above jobs to earn from Facebook. Then you can do one or more things on Facebook.

Many people are earning up to 500$-1500$ per month from Facebook. As you can earn from Facebook from home, you can also do other things.

Hope you got to know about the way to earn money from Facebook 2022. If you have any question about how to earn money from Facebook then ask here. If you don’t understand any part of this article comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always try to solve your problem. For more information about this, join our Facebook group and stay tuned by liking our Facebook page. Thanks a lot for reading the complete article.

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