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Jahangirnagar University Admission Result 2022 –

Jahangirnagar University – JU Admission Test Results 2022: Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Results 2022 has been published. Those who participated in the University Admission Test in the 2021-2022 session will be able to know their results from here. Results The results can be found on the website of Jahangirnagar University or from this website. Find out how to view Jahangirnagar University Admission Test results and all the details of the results here.

Students have got the opportunity to participate in the admission test in a total of ten units of Jahangirnagar University. Those who have participated in any one of these ten units of Jahangirnagar University will get the results of that unit from here. The direct link to view the results and the PDF download are given below.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Result 2022

Jahangirnagar University is one of the leading public universities in Bangladesh. The university has a fixed number of seats for boys and girls and students get admission according to the specific number of seats in the university. Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 202 was published from the official website of Jahangirnagar University. The number of seats and admission download link of Jahangirnagar University was published here later. All these students took the Jahangirnagar University Admission Test and now they are all waiting for the results.

The results of Jahangirnagar University Admission Test are published on website. The website is the official website of Jahangirnagar University. Next a link to the admission results is attached to our website from where the students can know the admission results directly.

JU unit based results 2022

Jahangirnagar University’s exam results 2022 are usually published on the night of the exam or within a day. If there is a delay in publishing the results, the university authorities give notice.

How To Check JU Admission Result 2022

This year’s results are different from previous years. Within a maximum of three (03) days after participating in the examination of all the units, the students will be disclosed in their respective JU Student Login Account (the account created during the application for the admission test). You will also be notified via SMS to the mobile number provided at the time of application.

  • The results of each unit will be published separately
  • The results will be published within a maximum of three (03) days after the completion of the examination of each unit
  • Enter the official website of Jahangirnagar University – and login to your JU Admission Account
  • After logging in to your account you will get the results of JU admission test
  • The results will also be sent directly to the mobile number provided by you via SMS service
Unit NameResult Check Link
A UnitCheck Result
B UnitCheck Result
C UnitCheck Result
C1 UnitCheck Result
D UnitCheck Result
F UnitCheck Result
G UnitCheck Result
H UnitCheck Result












Unit NameMark Distribution
UnitDistribution of Unit Numbers: Mathematics-18, Physics-18, Chemistry-18, Bengali-3, English-3 and General Knowledge-6.
UnitJU B Unit is the Faculty of Social Sciences. B Unit Number Distribution: Bengali – 10, English – 10, Mathematics – 10, General Knowledge – 20 and Intelligence Test – 10.
UnitThe JU C Unit is the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (excluding the Department of Drama and Drama Theory and Fine Arts). C Unit Number Distribution: Bengali – 15, English – 15 and Subject – 30.
C1 UnitC1 Unit is a sub unit of C Unit which includes Drama and Drama Theory and Fine Arts Department. Distribution of JU C1 Unit Number: Bangla-10, English-10, Drama and Drama Theory-20 and Fine Arts-20
D UnitThe Faculty of Biology belongs to the JU D Unit. Distribution of JU D Unit values: Bengali – 3, English – 3, Intelligence – 3, Botany – 16, Zoology – 16 and Chemistry – 17

E-Unit exams are conducted in two ways and there are also differences in distribution.

Business Studies: Bengali – 11, English – 23, Mathematics – 11, Accounting and Business Organization and Management – 15

Science / Humanities / Equivalent: Bengali – 11, English – 23, Mathematics – 11 and General Knowledge – 11

UnitThe Faculty of Law is under JUF Unit. Distribution of F Unit Exam Numbers: Bangla-20, English-20 and General Knowledge-20
G UnitG Unit of Jahangirnagar University is IBA i.e. Institute of Business Administration. G Unit Admission Test Distribution: Bangla-5, Mathematics and Intelligence-20, Contemporary Subjects-10 and English-25
H UnitH Unit and G Unit admission test was held on the same date – 11th November 2021. JAB H Unit Distribution: Bengali – 5, English – 10, Mathematics – 30 and Physics – 15
I UnitJUI Unit is Bangabandhu Comparative Literature and Culture Institute. Distribution of I Unit values: Bengali-11, English-11, World Literature-8 and General Knowledge-30

Last word

I hope you know about the results of Jahangirnagar University Admission Test 2022. If you have any questions about Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Results 2022, ask questions here. If you do not understand any part of this article, please comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always tries to solve your problem. To know more about this, join our Facebook group and stay with us by liking our Facebook page. Thanks so much for reading the full article.

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