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National University Re-Scrutiny Notice (Board Challenge) And System 2023

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Every year thousands of students from the National University participate in the examinations in different academic years. Students often do not get the desired results after the results are published. In that case, students can challenge the board. You can make an application to the National University Authority for a review of the results. The steps you need to take to revise the National University Result 2023 are well mentioned below. This method will be very useful for all these students who do not get the desired result even with very good test.

NU Board Challenge Application 2023

Students must first apply online for the National University Board Challenge application. After that you have to take the print copy of the online application to the bank and pay the application fee. Application fee can be 500 / -600 / – per letter. Application time is fixed. Within a few days of the publication of any results, the Board Challenge link is provided through a notice on the website of the National University. By entering this link, students will be able to complete the Board Challenge application as below.

All the students of the National University take the test. Since there are so many students in the national university, many more books have to be evaluated at the same time. Some part of the teachers may be wrong in evaluating too many books together. Many of these unintentional misconceptions lead to worse results. Considering all those students, the National University authorities give the students an opportunity to review the results within a few days of the publication of the results. Many students do not know how to review the results of the National University. For them, this article details the Re-Scrutiny of National University results.

National University Board Challenge Application Fee 2023

The National University Board Challenge application fee is 500 / – to 800 / – per letter depending on the case.

  • Degree – 500/- (Per Subject)
  • Honours – 800 /- (Per Subject)
  • Masters – 500/- (Per Subject)


In case of change in the amount of fees, especially in the field, it can be known through the notice of the National University.

NU Results Review Or Board Challenge Process 2023

There are certain rules for the National University Results Review Board Challenge that you must know. You must apply for the Board Challenge in accordance with the academic requirements of the National University. The student has to pay some money for reviewing the results. All the information related to National University Boat Carrying is given below

You will need to enter the link to the National University Result Board Challenge. This link is available from the National University website shortly after the publication of any results. This link is provided as an opportunity to review the results in the form of a notice from the National University website. This link will not be available long after the results have been published. That means the student has to apply for review of the result within the stipulated time


Board Challenge / Re-Scrutiny System 2023

  • Enter the link
  • Select the Student fee option
  • Select Re Scrutiny fee
  • Select the test results you want to review
  • Provide registration number
  • Provide mobile number
  • Select the paper code of the subject on which the board will review the challenge or the result
  • Click on the submit option and print the review application form.
  • Receipt should be collected by depositing money at any branch of the nearest Sonali Bank with print copy.

Your application will be completed by following the above procedures. Within a few days after the application is completed, the National University authorities provide the results of the revision of their book by giving notice.

National University Re-Scrutiny Results 2023

National University Re-Scrutiny Results 2023 can be found on the National University website. National University’s Re-Scrutiny results 2023 can be found on the website

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