Old Age Allowance (Boyosko Vata) Application Process 2022

Department of Social Services Old Age Allowance Application Process 2022 is given here. Those who wish to apply for old age allowance online can apply for old age allowance from here. Everyone needs to know the rules for applying for old age allowance. Old age allowance notification or notice is published here. Also, you can know how to apply for old age allowance from this article. According to the new notification of 2022, the application for old age allowance has to be made online. Many do not know how to apply for Old Age Allowance as the process is completely online. You can easily apply for old age allowance according to the following rules.

It is important to know who can apply for Old Age Allowance and who cannot. Generally, those above 60 years of age are considered elderly. The government of Bangladesh provides old age allowance to senior citizens. Collection of old age allowance application form and complete application process is given here. All the rules from applying to withdrawing money are analyzed here. Although the process is somewhat complex, we have tried to present it in a simple way.

Old Age Allowance (Boyosko Vata) Online Application Process 2022

You have to follow the below steps to apply for Old Age Allowance online.


Step 1: First visit www.mis.bhata.gov.bd/onlineapplication
Step 2: Select the allowance program as Senior Allowance.
Step 3: Then the website will provide you a new page and show an application.
Step 4: On the new page first enter your NID and date of birth to verify your identity.
Step 5: Then provide the details as per the Senior Citizens Program.
Step 6: Enter all required information like name, education status, occupation, marital status, family members, work capacity etc.

Step 7: Provide current and permanent address.
Step 8: Enter the Contract Number and Email then click Save.

After clicking on Save you need to submit the online application and download the PDF file for future use. Follow all the steps carefully to complete your old age allowance online application.



How much money is available in the Elderly Allowance?

Those who apply for old age allowance and get old age allowance get Rs.500 per month. But this money is not paid every month. They get this money every 3 months. The old age allowance money is sent every 3 months to the mobile banking number given at the time of applying for old age allowance. That is, a total of 1500 rupees is received in three months. About 60 lakh people in Bangladesh are currently on old age pension

Old age allowance card Check

All eligible persons can check their allowance card online. Follow the process to check your old age allowance card:

1. First visit Social Services Department website www.bhata.gov.bd

2. Log in to your account with User ID and Password.

You can check your allowance status after logging into your account.

How to withdraw the old age allowance?

Every 3 months old age allowance money is credited to your mobile banking account. However, there is no message for entering old age allowance. You can check the balance of the mobile banking account or contact the nearest mobile banking agent to know the balance. You can withdraw money by going to the mobile banking agent.


Last word

The rules for applying for old age allowance are somewhat complicated. But understanding it will seem very easy to apply. Many people have various questions regarding the application of old age allowance and many people do not get the money even after applying correctly. If you have any questions about Old Age Allowance Application Process 2022, ask questions here. If you do not understand any part of this article, please comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always tries to solve your problem. To know more about this, join our Facebook group and stay with us by Like our Facebook page. Thanks so much for reading the full article.

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