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Checking passport status is now very easy. You can check passport status online at home with just one click. Earlier, one had to go to the passport office to check the status of the passport. Many times the status of the passport was known even after going to the passport office again and again. In this, those who wanted to make a passport were subjected to various difficulties. But now you can check the passport status online. The procedure to check the status of the passport online seems a bit difficult, but you can check the status of the passport very easily by following the procedure below. In this article we have told you how you can easily check e-passport status online.

What is the status of the passport?

This is a facility for those who want to know the current status of the passport after the application of the passport. Through this, the person who has allowed the passport to be made can know how ready his passport is or at what stage his passport is currently. In this way, the person does not get into any kind of confusion about the passport. Besides, it is also easy to know if your passport has been blocked at some stage.

How to know the e-passport status?

To know the status of e-passport, you need to enter the official website of Immigration and Passport of Bangladesh and check the status of your passport by following the procedure given below. Online Registration ID (OID) or Application ID and date of birth given in the passport application will be required to check e-passport status.

How to know the status of e-passport

E-passport status can be known in two ways.

  • Through SMS
  • Online by visiting the official website of Immigration and Passport. .

How to check e-passport status in these two ways is discussed in detail below.

E-passport status check via SMS

Follow the below procedure to know e-passport status through SMS. In this method, to check the status of the passport, an SMS has to be sent and the charge for this SMS is 2.50 Taka. Follow the below procedure to ensure that this amount of balance is available on your SIM.

  • Enter the SMS option
  • Send START EPP and Application ID to 16445 (Ex: START EPP 4103-0000823451 Send 16445)
  • You will know the status of your passport on the return SMS.

When applying for a passport, the passport office provides the passport application ID number

How to Check E-Passport Status Online

E-passport status can be checked online very easily from mobile or computer. Follow the below steps to check e-passport status online.


  • Login to www.epassport.gov.bd website
  • In the Check Status menu, enter the Online Registration ID or Application ID along with your date of birth.
  • You can check the passport by ticking next to the text I am human and clicking on the Check button.
  • Moreover, at the bottom of this page there is an option to check your passport.
  • You can also check your passport from here.
  • Scroll to this page to check your passport online.


  • Enter Online Registration ID. This is an ID of type OID1000001256 which can be found on the application summary page. Also, you can use the application ID.
  • Enter your date of birth as per passport application.
  • To the left of the text, I am human, fill in the captcha with a tick.
  • Click the Check button. You will know the status of your passport.


Last word

We hope you find out about Online Passport Status Check 2022. If you have any questions about Online Passport Status Check 2022, ask questions here. If you do not understand any part of this article, please comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always tries to solve your problem. To know more about this, join our Facebook group and stay with u

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