Primary Scholarship Result 2023

The primary Class 5 scholarship exam which was discontinued after 13 long years was held on 30/12/2022. About 6 lakh candidates from Class 5 participated in the examination. In the primary Class 5 scholarship examination, the examination will be held in booklets instead of the traditional notebooks. About 82,000 students from all over the country will get scholarships in the Class 5 scholarship examination.

33 thousand students will get scholarships in the talent pool and 49 thousand 500 students will get a scholarship in general grade. This information is known from the sources of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and the Directorate of Primary Education.

The Department of Primary Education (DPE) has already released the question structure and manning of the Primary Scholarship Exam. In a circular signed by Md. Nazrul Islam, Assistant Director (General Administration) of the Directorate of Education, it is said that in Bengali, English, Elementary Mathematics, and Elementary Science, there will be a total of 25 marks and a total of 100 marks exam will be held.

Booklets containing question papers will be provided to the students in this year’s primary scholarship examination. Tick the prescribed space in the booklet and answer written questions where necessary. No answer sheet will be supplied to the candidates separately.

Primary Scholarship Result 2023

Regarding the results of the primary scholarship examination, the Director General of the Department of Education Shah Rizwan Hayat said, “Since the primary scholarship examination was held this year after a long time, it will take some time to give the result of the scholarship examination. However, we have planned, work will be done to announce the results soon after the examination is held.”

On the other hand, although the primary students gave the scholarship examination this year, the iftedai students of madrasas are deprived. In this regard, Primary and Mass Education Secretary Md Farid Ahmed said, we only look at the issue of school-college scholarships. And we have not received any separate request from the technical and madrasa education department regarding Madrasah students scholarship. When will the primary scholarship result 2023 be given? View time and date

Dear students, you who have participated in the scholarship examination are now interested to know the result. This article is to make your interest in knowing this result easy.

Through this article you can easily know and download the result of this year’s foundation exam. Besides, students can know the result on the website of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (

The students who received the scholarship in the beginning of this year will enjoy the benefit of the scholarship for the next 3 years, according to the sources of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education.

According to the sources of the Ministry of Education, the government will provide a scholarship of 300 taka per month to each of the 33,000 students who have been promoted in the talent pool this year. And the annual rate will be 225 rupees to each student. On the other hand, 39 thousand 500 students receiving general scholarships will be given a scholarship at the rate of Tk 225 per month. Besides, it is said that general scholarship holders will be given 225 rupees annually.

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