Qatar Football World Cup 2022: Dates, Draw, Schedule, Kick-Off Time

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar, starting on November 21 and ending on December 18. In this great stage of football, 32 egg hatties will compete in groups. Football 2022 will start on November 21 with Qatar vs Eduador match. The opening match will be played at the Al-Bait Stadium.

Qatar is the first country to qualify as the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Germany then qualified for the second position. Later, teams like Denmark, Brazil, France, England, Belgium, Argentina, Portugal qualified.

The qualified teams of FIFA World Cup 2022

Group of Football World Cup 2022

The draw for the group stage of Football World Cup 2022 has already been held. There will be 32 teams divided into eight groups and each group will have four teams. All the groups from group A to group H have been determined and the groups are given separately below.
The eight groups of this year’s Football World Cup have a lot of balance.

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales or Scotland or Ukraine

Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Group D: France, Peru or UAE or Australia, Denmark, Tunisia

Group E: Spain, Costa Rica or New Zealand, Germany, Japan

Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

— World Cup finals to be played from November 21 to December 18

— Intercontinental playoffs to be contested on June 13-14 in Qatar:

i) Winner of United Arab Emirates v Australia face Peru

ii) New Zealand v Costa Rica

— European playoffs to be held in June on dates to be announced

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Football World Cup 2022 Format

The group stage is the first round of the 2022 Football World Cup, which is held with 32 teams. In the group stage, each team will have the opportunity to play three matches. Two teams from each of the four groups will then qualify for the Round of Sixteen. In the Round of Sixteen, each team will have a chance to play one match and if they win, they will qualify for the next quarter-final. A total of eight teams will qualify for the quarter-finals and four for the semi-finals. The final match will be held between the winners in the semi-finals and the third place match will be held between the losers in the semi-finals.

When will the matches of Football World Cup 2022 Start?

The matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar at 1pm, 10pm, 7pm and 10pm local time. The matches in the knockout stage will be held in Qatar at 8pm local time and at 10pm.
The FIFA World Cup 2022 final will be held at 6 pm local time.

Full fixtures of FIFA World Cup 2022

Group Stage

Date Match Time
November 21 Qatar vs Ecuador 10:00 pm
November 21 England vs Iran 07:00 pm
November 21 Senegal vs Netherlands 04:00 pm
November 22 USA vs Wales 1:00 am
November 22 Denmark vs Tunisia 07:00 pm
November 23 France vs Peru/Australia/UAE 01:00 am
November 22 Mexico vs Poland 10:00 pm
November 22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 04:00 pm
November 23 Spain vs Costa Rica/ New Zealand 10:00 pm
November 23 Belgium vs Canada 07:00 pm
November 23 Germany vs Japan 07:00 pm
November 23 Morocco vs Croatia 04:00 pm
November 24 Uruguay vs South Korea 07:00 pm
November 24 Portugal vs Ghana 10:00 pm
November 24 Switzerland vs Cameroon 04:00 pm
November 25 Brazil vs Serbia 1:00 am
November 26 England vs USA 01:00 am
November 25 Qatar vs Senegal 07:00 pm
November 25 Wales vs Iran 04:00 pm
November 25 Netherlands vs Ecuador 10:00 pm
November 26 Poland vs Saudi Arabia 04:00 pm
November 27 Argentina vs Mexico 01:00 am
November 26 Tunisia vs Peru/Australia/UAE 04:00 pm
November 26 France vs Denmark 10:00 pm
November 27 Belgium vs Morocco 07:00 pm
November 28 Spain vs Germany 01:00 am
November 27 Croatia vs Canada 10:00 pm
November 27 Japan vs Costa Rica/ New Zealand 04:00 pm
November 28 Brazil vs Switzerland 10:00 pm
November 28 South Korea vs Ghana 07:00 pm
November 28 Cameroon vs Serbia 04:00 pm
November 29 Portugal vs Uruguay 1:00 am
November 29 Netherlands vs Qatar 09:00 pm
November 30 Wales vs England 01:00 am
November 29 Ecuador vs Senegal 09:00 pm
November 30 Iran vs USA 1:00 am
November 30 Peru/Australia/UAE vs Denmark 09:00 pm
November 30 Tunisia vs France 09:00 pm
December 1 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 01:00 am
December 1 Poland vs Argentina 1:00 am
December 2 Japan vs Spain 01:00 am
December 1 Croatia vs Belgium 09:00 pm
December 2 Costa Rica/New Zealand vs Germany 01:00 am
December 1 Canada vs Morocco 09:00 pm
December 2 Ghana vs Uruguay 09:00 pm
December 2 South Korea vs Portugal 09:00 pm
December 3 Serbia vs Switzerland 01:00 am
December 3 Cameroon vs Brazil 1:00 am
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2nd Round (Knockout Stage)

Date Match Time
December 3 A1 vs B2 09:00 pm
December 4 C1 vs D2 01:00 am
December 4 D1 vs C2 09:00 pm
December 5 B1 vs A2 01:00 am
December 5 E1 vs F2 09:00 pm
December 6 G1 vs H2 01:00 am
December 6 F1 vs E2 09:00 pm
December 7 H1 vs G2 01:00 am












Sl. Date Match Time
1 December 9 E1 vs F2 Winner vs G1 vs H2 Winner 09:00 pm
2 December 10 A1 vs B2 Winner vs C1 vs D2 Winner 01:00 am
3 December 10 F1 vs E2 Winner vs H1 vs G2 Winner 09:00 pm
4 December 11 B1 vs A2 Winner vs D1 vs C2 Winner 01:00 am









Date Match Time
December 14 Winners of Quarter-finals 1 & 2 01:00 am
December 15 Winners of Quarter-finals 3 & 4 01:00 am








How many and what are the venues of 2022 Qatar World Cup?

The Football World Cup has never been held in the Middle East before. This is the first time the 2022 World Cup will be held in the Middle East. The 28-day timetable will feature a total of eight stadiums. The stadiums have been built accordingly for the unbearable heat in Qatar.

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Lucille Iconic Stadium

Lusail Iconic Stadium is located in Lusail, Qatar. This stadium with a capacity of about 60 thousand is a very beautiful stadium. The first match of the World Cup will be played at Lucille Iconic Stadium on November 22 between Argentina vs Saudi Arabia.

Albeit Stadium

Located in the city of Al Khor, this stadium with a capacity of about 60,000 is a spectacular sight. The opening match of the World Cup, the Qatar vs Ecuador match will start. The stadium is going to witness the opening match of the World Cup 2022 on November 21.

Stadium 984

The 40,000-capacity stadium in Doha will host the first match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on November 22 with a match between Mexico and Poland.

Al Thumama Stadium

This stadium is also located in Doha. The capacity of the stadium is 40 thousand. The first match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played at HP DMT on November 21 with the match between Senegal vs Netherlands.

Education City Stadium

With a capacity of 45,350, the stadium is located in the city of Al Rayyan, Qatar. The stadium will kick off its journey to the 2022 FIFA World Cup with the Denmark vs. Tunisia match on 22 November.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

The stadium is located in the town of Al Ryan. The stadium has a capacity of 44,640 spectators. The football World Cup match will be held on November 21 at this stadium.

Khalifa International Stadium

The stadium in Al Rayyan has a capacity of about 40,000 spectators. The first match of the 2022 World Cup will be played between England and Iran at the Khalifa International Stadium in Al Rayyan.

Al Janoub Stadium

The stadium, located in the town of Al Waqrah, has a capacity of 40,000 spectators. The first match will be played on November 22 at the stadium.

How to buy tickets for Football World Cup 2022

Tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup can be purchased online. To buy tickets for the Football World Cup 2022 online, you need to enter Ticket prices range from a minimum of ৪ 4 to a maximum of ৭ 1226. The minimum ticket cost to watch the group stage matches is ৮ 8 and the maximum is ৬৮ 18.

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