Qurbani Eid 2022 Wishes ,SMS, Picture, Facebook Status

Qurbani Eid Greetings 2022: Qurbani Eid is a day of great joy for Muslims. Everyone, big and small, rejoices a lot on this day. And share the joy with each other. One of the ways to share the joy of Eid al-Adha is by exchanging greetings. In the age of the internet, we all use social media to greet each other on Eid al-Adha.

From posting on social media to sending greetings to each other through messages. Arranged with Qurbani Eid SMS, Status, Wish, Message and Facebook Status, this article will help you to send greetings to your loved ones on Qurbani Eid. Here are a lot of SMS and pictures and messages that you can use.


Qurbani Eid greeting message 2022

On Qurbani Eid, we all send greetings to our loved ones. Receiving these greeting messages fills the minds of loved ones with happiness. Qurbani Eid of 2022 is coming. And only a short time later, the day of Qurbani Eid. If you are looking for Qurbani Eid Wishes 2022 then you have come to the right place. You will get all the great messages, SMS and pictures from here which will make your mind feel good. So to send Eid greetings to the people you love, see the greeting messages below and send whatever you like.


1 day left for Eid to come, where can I keep it so happy, it is very easy to say! Everyone is busy with Eid work

Eid means joy
Eid means happy
Let a smile spread on everyone’s face this Eid.
The smile of the full moon,
I invited you to come,
If you can’t come
Accept Eid Mubarak. Eid Mubarak.


Let the wind of Eid blow,
Let’s fill the mind with new songs,
Sleepy dreamy dreamy eyes
Get everything on Eid. Eid Mubarak.




Duck eggs Chicken eggs

“See you on Eid day”

Eid means joy ‘Eid means happiness’

If you do not invite for Eid

Hit a punch!

Eid status, caption of the Qurbani

The first of the two Eids of the year is Eid-ul-Fitr and the other is Eid-ul-Azha or Qurbani Eid. Muslims celebrate this Eid from the history of Qurbani. On the day of Qurbani Eid, halal animals are Qurbanid for the purpose of pleasing Allah to those who can afford it. The joy of Eid spread from house to house through Qurbanis. Everyone greets each other and many use Facebook status, Twitter or other social media with different statuses or captions.


Eid ul-Adha photo 2022

Many people post pictures of Qurbani Eid on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Many people greet their loved ones with pictures of Qurbani Eid. You often don’t find a good picture or don’t understand if you don’t give a picture. If you want, you can greet your friends and loved ones with one of the following pictures as your Facebook status.


Qurbani Eid Facebook Status 2022

Do not understand what kind of Facebook status to give Eid al-Adha? In this part, the Facebook statuses about Qurbani Eid are arranged. You can copy any status from here and give it as Facebook status.


That day will turn into a year


Get ready to spend Eid happily


Many are working on BG Eid


The joy is in everyone


White rose green leaves,


Let me tell you about Eid.

Come to my house,

I will sit on the floor.

Eat but little,

I will tell many stories.




The smile of the full moon,

I invited you to come,

If you can’t come

Accept Eid Mubarak ..




Not to mention,

Some languages ​​are descriptive

However, on the day of Eid, all the souls can be said openly,

Let’s open our hearts and tell everyone today

Eid Mubarak friend.

Eid Poems of Qurbani 2022

We send different types of poems to each other on Qurbani Eid. You can learn these poems of Qurbani Eid from here. It is a very popular medium for many to wish Eid greetings in verse through poetry.


Quote about Qurbani 2022

There are many sayings about Qurbani. Many people like to give these statements as status or captions. You can see these quotes of Qurbani Eid here and you can copy and use these quotes. Below are the quotes about Eid al-Adha.

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