SSC Exam Board Wise Pass Rate 2022

SSC Result 2022 published today 28 November. Today at 12 noon SSC result is open for all. This article is for those who want to know the pass rate of any board. Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina announced the SSC pass rate. At the moment, the pass rate of any board is known.

The SSC pass rate 2022 depends on the notification of the Ministry of Education. However, several officials and teachers have given us some very important information in this regard, from which students will get an idea about this year’s SSC result 2022.

SSC exam organized under 11 education boards is a very important board exam in Bangladesh. Everyone is interested in SSC pass rate. Apart from this, the pass rate of SSC examination can be understood which region of the country is progressing in the field of education.

What is the pass rate of SSC exam in which board?

This year’s SSC exam 2022 was held several months back and with a shorter syllabus.

According to the information of several teachers, the passing rate of the SSC exam this year is higher than in the past few years.

Very few students failed this year. This is undoubtedly a good news for students. Apart from this, the number of students who got A plus in SSC examination is also more this year.

This time students have failed more in mathematics subject but in very less part. Several officials of the Ministry of Education told us that the SSC pass rate of Dhaka Jashar and Rajshahi is very good.

The pass rate in these boards is around 92 to 94 percent. The rest of the boards have done much better this time.

Especially the result of Madrasa Education Board is very good this time.

Last word

What is the expected pass rate in any board? You have come to know about SSC Result 2022. What is the pass rate in any board? If any query about SSC Result 2022 then ask here. If you don’t understand any part of this article comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always try to solve your problem.

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