SSC Pass Rate 2022 । SSC Porikkhar Paser har koto

The result of SSC exam 2022 was published today on 28 November. This year the pass rate of SSC exam is higher than previous years. SSC Exam 2022 was held somewhat late due to Corona. The short syllabus exam will be conducted till September 15. The date for SSC result is fixed on 28th November. The result will be open for all on 28 November 2022 at 12 noon. Students can know SSC result 2022 through website and SMS.

On the day of SSC result, students are interested to know the SSC result as well as the pass rate of the SSC exam. SSC exam pass rate is very important because it shows the success of students in SSC exam.

According to reliable sources, it is known that the pass rate of SSC exam 2022 is slightly higher than the previous years.
At 12 noon, the Education Minister handed over the SSC result to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and after that the Prime Minister announced the pass rate of the SSC exam across the country and the pass rate of the SSC exam category wise.

This year, as the pass rate of the SSC exam has increased, the number of students who have obtained a GPA of 5 in the SSC exam has also increased. This year the number of students who obtained GPA 5 in SSC examination is maximum.

The pass rate of SSC exam is given on board basis in the ninth part. This time the passing rate of Dhaka board and Rajshahi board SSC exam is very good.

Digitalized education system is the reason for this extraordinary result of students’ SSC exam. There were fears of students falling behind due to Corona but all the educational institutions have moved forward with their online education programs. As a result of this, this success has come even during this pandemic.

The number of unsuccessful students in the SSC examination is slightly less than in other years, as a result of which more students will get the opportunity to get admission in the 11th class, it will be possible to reduce the number of students dropping out.

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