SSC Result 2022 By EIIN Number

SSC Result with EIIN Number: SSC Exam Result 2022 Published. Final result date of 22 lakh students SSC exam today. Earlier, the Ministry of Education announced the release of SSC exam results on 28 November 2022.

Students are eagerly waiting to see the SSC result. But many people can’t see SSC result with roll and reg number. Although our website says how to check SSC result 2022 with roll and reg number. Still if you can’t see the result then you can check SSC result 2022 with EIIN number in the following method. It is possible to know all the results of a school with EIIN number and first of all the result is known with EIIN number.

How to get EIIN number?

Since it is very easy to get SSC Result 2022 with EIIN number, you can easily know all the results of your institution through this.

Every organization has an EIIN number so you can search the internet for your organization name. EIIN number is 6 or 8 digits long.

How To Check SSC Result 2022 With EIIN Number

Follow the rules below to check SSC Result with EIIN number. But before that you must know the EIIN number of your organization.

  • First go to the official website of the Education Board which published the web-based results:
  • Second, Select SSC/Submission/Equivalent Result
  • Select Exam year after (2022)
  • Then Select Board (Rajshahi)
  • Also select Result Type Institution Result)
  • Finally type the EllN number of your school
  • In the last step click on Institution Result

Check SSC Result by EIIN from webmail

  • First go to the web-mail results website:
  • Second, select your board name.
  • After that type the EIIN number of your institute.
  • Then select exam as SSC/Equivalent.
  • Then click on Get Institution Result.
  • Finally, you will get the whole school SSC result with GPA details.

Last word

We hope you find out about SSC Result 2022 By EIIN Number . If you have any questions about SSC Result 2022 By EIIN Number , ask questions here. If you do not understand any part of this article, please comment in the comment box, Result Insider BD team always tries to solve your problem. To know more about this, join our Facebook group and stay with us by Like our Facebook page. Thanks so much for reading the full article.

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